my dad gets on the computer for 5 minutes and he already manages to unlock internet explorer’s unholy twin and pull it out of the depths of hell

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john travolta looks like a monkey



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Commissions are open bc i want to help out my parents when I start attending college!


  • I don’t do NSFW sorry!!!
  • I’ll add in simple backgrounds like vertical/horizontal/diagonal lines, dots, flat color, etc. for no cost.  If you want a background it will be an extra $3-$10 depending on the complexity!
  • Fanart and OCs are fine.
  • No mecha or animals, but animal features (such as cat ears, paws, etc.) are ok.
  • Paypal only.

If you’re interested or have questions, please send me an email at mkim0422@hotmail.com or shoot me an ask! Even if you’re not interested in buying a commission it’d mean a lot if you could just signal boost this, thank you very much for your time!!!

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i was looking at workout stuff on pinterest and this is very ominous 

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Big Sexy

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send me a tumblr user’s url and I’ll tell you what I think of them

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