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look at them face to face, perhaps. they twitch their little antennae, and hide. they have small round eyes. they're cute. their habits are gross, such as eating up your food, multiplying rapidly and carrying a few germs, but so do rabbits,otherwise, what's wrong with them?

Sorry if i offended you but i live in an apartment and have an enormous fear of them one day infesting it, and even beyond that they just freak me out. Insects and the like just gross me out to the point where i turn into a 2 year old girl if one gets near me.

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i’ve heard people say they think cockroaches are cute and i just don’t understand?

cockroaches are fucking disgusting



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If you ever get sad just remember that these exist.

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muppet mouth kun is a good character

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Happy Birthday Eiko Masuyama!

She was the original voice actress for Chappy, as well as Honey. She was the first voice actress to voice more than one magical girl. She reclaimed the roles of Chappy, and Honey in the video game Majokko Daisakusen (Great Witch Operation). Recently, she reclaimed her role of Honey for a series of weight loss commercials.

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lol and you think government conspiracies aren’t real?

she looks like an alien from outer space who learned to communicate through novelty greeting cards

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